Master to the Moon

I am horrible at blogging. When was my last, which also happened to be my first, blog post–one and a half years ago? Haha, god damn it. That is not exactly frequent. I had a fix idea that I wanted to make an inspirational blog mainly about technology, training and perhaps elements of photography, music and fashion and then see from there if I only want to focus on one subject. My goal is not to write daily. That only leads to two things: The stuff I write would be complete crap and I wouldn’t get anything done with my master thesis or other stuff.
Yeah, that’s right. I’m finishing my studies this semester. In Berlin. My thesis will be about security in devices connecting to wireless sensor networks, a system which we often like to call the Internet of Things nowadays. I think security is pretty darn cool stuff, so I look forward to when it really takes off and I (perhaps, maybe a bit unlikely in six months, but ambitions are motivating) contribute with some nifty solution to protocols for resource-constrained devices.

I am still in the beginning of this work, so my days are mostly filled with reading. This research part is very time-consuming and it’s hard to keep the motivation when I’m only studying the theory for many hours a day. I am sometimes easily distracted (yes, this is one of the main challenges when managing your own time) by my creative or restless alter ego. The trick is to really study when you study (d’oh), and give it enough time of focus until you are absorbed by it. Pretend the rest of the world doesn’t exist at all; put all worries and dreams aside. You’re inside of a bubble on your way to the Moon and then you see it–the beauty of understanding the theory because you are able to grasp the whole picture once you leave the ground. Perhaps at this point some amusing questions pop up in your mind. Or ideas. Then let them come in and drift around there until you know what to do with them.

As bizarre as this may sound to you, it is actually how I am studying these days. The idea is to learn the system in concern and pinpoint what you find interesting and thus find a problem to deal with throughout your time as a master student.

Ah, yes: Listen to music. But not any kind of music and not all the time. And don’t fool yourself, if you’re getting out of (or not even entering) your little bubble, then the music is not working for you. Perhaps you want to check out Biosphere, N-Plants.

Soreja mata!